Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

Our suppliers play a critical role in helping us meet our ambitious two-part goal:

Buy responsibly

Make sustainable choices

By asking our suppliers to be part of the solution, we see improvements in product quality and operational efficiency. Not only is the value chain strengthened, but people who work for our suppliers experience better conditions where they work.

When you choose Cypress, not only are you choosing a global sourcing organization with an industry-leading Quality Assurance team but one that adheres to the tenants of a sustainable logistics program. We are committed to our role and responsibility in ensuring that high standards are met.

Supplier Sustainability Principles:

  • General principles
    • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
    • Business ethics
  • Management systems
    • Monitoring and enforcement of these principles
  • Labor and working
    • Child labor, forced and bonded labor
    • Wages and benefits, working hours, non-discrimination
    • Labor union, collective bargaining
  • Health and safety
    • Safety and working condition of workers
    • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Environment
    • Compliance with local environmental laws and regulations
    • System to mitigate accidental spills and releases

Techniques such as site tours, employee and management interviews, documentation reviews and testing are used when we conduct social responsibility audits of our suppliers to determine conformance to the requirements related to these principles. These audits are in addition to our regularly scheduled quality assurance audits. Consequences of non-conformance include contract termination and purchase order cancellation.